Saturday, June 19, 2010

Singapore, Days 2 & 3

Sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday.

We spent most of the day yesterday programming. We worked through a lot of issues yesterday and found another issue with the communication between the processor and the RCM, this time the digital I/O chips. Came up with a work-around to finally get the victim ID looping. It took about 8 hours to get through. Ideally, something like that should be worked out in the firmware, but whatever.

We took a long walk down the river last night. They have a pretty cool riverside entertainment district...outdoor malls, cafes, and areas concentrated with bars full of drunken soccer fans. Our walk took us past the financial district and its skyscrapers, as well as Funan Digial Life Mall, a huge eight story mall full of nothing bu electronics stores.

We had dinner at a Malaysian seafood restaurant and had some of Singapore's famous chili crab. Yum! It was somewhat like a very thick bisque, and also very spicy. Not as spicy as the wings from Uptown Pizza, but pretty spicy.

On the way home we stopped in at the Funan Digital Life Mall... Wow. There were tons of run of the mill electronics retailers, but the coolest parts were that they had a lot of DIY stores selling components and the like. They also had company stores of performance brands like MSI and ASUS. I was starstruck by the ASUS store. The prices were all a lot higher than in the US.

This morning we went to eat at another cheap Chinese place, which was also really good.

Afterward Alesandro, Patrick, and I ended up on a strange adventure searching for a currency exchange and ended up in this sprawling maze-like mall which was largely closed although it was almost 10:30. Although the mall was confusing and all the currency exchanges were shut down, we did find our way into a giant basement LAN party center, with rows and rows of several hundred MSI quad-core machines for rent. /drool. They had fliers plastered all over the place advertising various L4D2 or CS2 tournaments. Why doesn't America have such fine businesses?

We got back and have been coding ever since (about 8 hours). We've made a lot of progress today, slowly working through further communications issues and working out little glitches in some of our functions, then finally compiling it all together in one giant code. WHICH WORKS! At this point, we only have a couple things to work out: getting the autorun functioning, and moving on from victims (which we think we have figured out). Hopefully we get it all figured out before bed.

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